What is 123Movies? Alternatives to 123Movies

Are you looking for a site that is both free and covers all movies and TV series? 123Movies is what you are looking for. What can I watch on 123Movie? Is it safe? You can find all the answers about 123Movies in this article here. Also, this article introduces 3 alternatives to 123Movies to stream movies online for free as well.

123movies and alternatives

1. What is 123Movies?

123Movies is a free website for watching movies and TV series online. Whether it is a movie just released in the theater or a classic TV series on a streaming platform, you can watch it for free as long as you have a stable network and a browser on your computer or mobile phone.


2. What Can You Watch on 123Movies?

According to current statistics, 123Movies provides 24,240 movies and 9,333 TV series, including movies and TV series in 33 genres and 15 countries. In addition to the common action and comedy types, you can also see Film-Noir, Reality-TV, Talk-Show and other themes. Not only can you see classic movies such as Cinderella (1950), but you can also see the latest movie The Marvels (2023).

3. Pros and Cons of 123Movies

  1. No subscription is required and you can watch it for free without paying
  2. Provides a wealth of great TV series and movies
  3. Simple interface and easy to use
  4. Quick search by title
  5. Full-screen or picture-in-picture viewing
  6. Customisable settings for subtitles
  7. Provide specific information about each movie
  1. Provides a download button but does not actually support downloading
  2. Not all videos have subtitles
  3. Some episodes of TV series may not be playable
  4. Some videos may have ads and watermarks
  5. Provides server selection, but some take a long time to load

4. 123Movies Alternatives & Free Movies Streaming Websites

1. FMovies

Fmovies is also a website for watching movies online for free. Its interface is similar to 123Movies, and it also provides a huge content of movies and TV series that can be watched online without a subscription.

2. SolarMovie

SolarMovie has a unique interface and features that differentiate it from 123Movies. There is an additional option "Released" in the menu bar, which allows users to click on the year to view movies and TV series from a particular year. It offers multiplier playback, which is not available on other free movies streaming sites, as well as offering a night mode for you to switch between.

3. Yesmovies.to

The interface of Yesmovies is also similar to that of 123Movies, but it has an additional "Schedule Today" section on the right side. The features are pretty much the same, with the addition of night mode, "Add to favourites", and the ability to turn "Auto next" on and off.

5. Is 123Movies Safe and Legal to Stream Movies in 2024?

Currently, no viruses or malicious plug-ins have been found while using 123Movies, and there are no other pop-up windows. When you search for 123Movies you will find a variety of sites called 123Movies, this is where they have changed their domain name to avoid being shut down. The following domains are still available:

  1. https://ww2.123moviesfree.net/
  2. https://ww3.123movies.com.pk/
  3. https://ww16.0123movie.net/
  4. https://vvv.movies123.sbs/

But actually you don't know that one day these free movie streaming sites will be shut down by the authorities because they are illegal to some extent. Therefore, it is more recommended that you subscribe to various streaming media service platforms. Spend your time entertained by subscribing to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or other platforms!

In case of subscribing to multiple streaming platforms, you can take the help of VidiCable to help you save your favourite videos permanently. It is an all-in-one video downloader that brings together up to 20+ platforms and is currently available on both Windows and Mac computers. It not only allows you to download HD video (depending on the platform you download it from), but also allows you to customize the audio and subtitles. The paramount advantages of using VidiCable is that it is capable of saving movies in the MP4 format, so that you can watch videos on other devices rather than being confined to a computer or mobile phone.

Easy Guide: How to Use VidiCable to Download Movies?

Step 1 Run VidiCable and select the target download site. Follow the prompts to complete the login steps for the corresponding streaming service.

Step 2 MP4 video format, HD video, audio and subtitle settings can all be selected in the "Settings" window. In addition, you can also choose H.265 or H.264 video coding based on device compatibility.

choose the output settings

Step 3 Find titles to download by browsing VidiCable's built-in library.

Step 4 You can also make detailed video settings for the video you are about to download in the "Advanced Download" window.

advanced download settings hulu

Step 5 At the end, you will get HD videos with audio and subtitles saved in MP4 video format and they will be permanently saved on your device.


There is no problem to use the above 123Movies free online viewing site, but please be careful to protect your privacy and device security. And keep an eye on the availability of the domain name. If you've chosen to subscribe to streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu, use VidiCable to permanently save your favourite videos.

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